The Jubilee Jamboree

with Peabody, Bexley Council & Continental Drifts

HORIZON LINES written in red text on an orange background, the O's in Horizon have been replaced with graphic depicting a series of intersecting lines creating a circular shape that have been animated and rotate.


with Active Horizons & T A P E Collective

A custom mock Tudor typeface that reads CAN WE COLLECTIVISE AND CO-CREATE?

Bexley Collective

with 64 Million Artists & Bexley Voluntary Service Council

RTM.FM Sound System

with RTM.FM

A tiny protest placard made of an envelope stuck to an ice lolly stick. on the placard it says A BIGGER SIGN next to a diagram of stick men holding progressively larger placards.

The Hundred Club

with Ruth Beale, TACO! & Lesnes Abbey Lodge

Critics Club

with The White Pube

Thamesmead Festival

with Thamesmead Festival Production Group & Serious

Making Ties

with Aya Haidar & Belvedere Community Forum

Erith Made

with The Makers & The Exchange

Art Classes

with Angela Stocker, Nicola Corrigan and Belvedere Community Centre

Community Film Events

with London Community Video Archive

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