Listening to the Bees

Elise Guillaume & Ridgeway Users

Listening to the Bees workshop with Elise Guillaume with the Ridgeway Users and Bumblebee Conservation Trust

Saturday 19 August, 1:30PM - 4:30PM
Ridgeway Path

The Listening to the Bees workshop with Elise Guillaume began with a group listening experience, where people were invited to listen, feel & explore the Ridegway Path in Thamesmead, using microphones that let us hear the amazing sounds of local bees, insect & birds up close.

We also learnt about the new Pollinator Corridor being created along the Ridgeway, which will provide a network of habitats for pollinators in the area to thrive; including the endangered Shrill Carder Bee, one of the rarest bees in Britain.

Throughout the workshop Elise photographed the environment using 35mm film and developed the images using plants foraged together from the Ridgeway, and recipes for sustainably processing film using plant based developers will be shared. 🌱

A very special thank you to Nikki of the Bumblebee Conservation Trust, Uy from the Ridgeway Users, and the excellent Elise for hosting a wonderful listening experience for us all.

We had a lot of wildlife spotted and heard on the way, including some of England's rarest species of bumblebee — we even got to touch the back of a few. Here's a list of what we came across: Bumblebees: Moss carder, brown banded, common carder, buff tail. Other species: frogs, ants, wasps, horse flies, spiders, crickets, grasshoppers, hoverflies. Flora: black horehound, evening primrose, white dead nettle, hare's-foot clover, bramble, St. John's wort, hedge mustard, hawthorne, nettle.

This workshop is part of beneath the pavement, the marshes, a new creative programme bringing artists, activists and ecologists together with local environmental and community groups working in north Bexley, to explore the ground beneath our feet.