This Is No Ordinary World

Blanc Sceol & Tump 39 volunteers.

In a disused and forgotten Tump in the summer of 2023, Blanc Sceol collaborated with local residents, children and young people, to co-create an imaginary world and alternative environment for listening, leaning, moving, and dreaming.

Using methods of radical listening, somatic explorations and sonic meditation, the artists and residents worked together to explore Tump39 as an urban wilderness, extending beyond the city's time and matter, to a space where imagination can create the possibilities to be different, other, outer.

Over 4-months the community grounded themselves in the re-wilded environment of this former munition’s storage site, closed to the public for more than a decade, through drawing, singing, dancing and eating together, which became the beginning of a gathering of future guardians for the space.

Finally, the group built their own instruments from stick, stones and leaves, and accompanied Orbit, a one-of-a-kind instrument, designed and made by Blanc Sceol in collaboration with master luthier Kai Tönjes, for a final improvised performance to thank the Tump for hosting them.