Wanderlust Hill

Rosie Ridgway & The South East Way

Wanderlust Hill

Saturday 12 August, from 12:00PM - 7:30PM

Wanderlust Hill was created by new Bexley-based youth collective The South East Way, working together with artist and musician Rosie Ridgway, as a way to showcase the best of young London talent at this year’s Thamesmead Festival.  

The project was initiated by Three Rivers, who brought the group aged 14-16 together and supported them over 6-months to decide everything about their stage; from what it was called, to how it looked and who performed on it, as well as working with Rosie to learn new skills including set-building and DJing. 

The young people chose an Alice in Wonderland theme for their stage and surrounding area, and collaborated with both Rosie, and cult comic artist Leomi Sadler, to give Alice’s adventures a Thamesmead twist by designing and making backdrops and stage props, including a 30ft inflatable tentacle, reflecting the “magic behind the concrete” that they see in their area and want other people to experience too.