Three Rivers is an alliance of local organisations using art to build community in the London Borough of Bexley.

What do we do?

We bring local people and partners together to work out how we can use art to make a difference in Bexley. We collaborate with the people who live, work and study here, to produce festivals, run radio stations, become art critics and stitch quilts. We want to create a new way of making culture in Bexley, by empowering local people to make it themselves.

How do we work?

  1. We support what’s already here. We know that amazing art and culture has always been made in Bexley, in community centres, libraries, church halls and front rooms – but now we’re making it public.
  2. We make new connections. We bring voluntary, community and cultural organisations together with artists, and work with them to create projects for the people who say art isn't for them.
  3. We keep it in the community. We sometimes invite artists and experts in from the rest of London and beyond – but we always make sure its local people and partners that are running the show.
  4. We share what we've got. We try to ensure that our local partners hold at least half of the money we’re working with on a project, so that the relationships we build are as equal as possible.

Where did we come from?

Three Rivers is funded by Arts Council England, through a programme called Creative Places and People, which focuses on parts of the country where involvement in arts and culture is significantly below the national average.

Bexley is one of those places and Three Rivers is the result.

Our programme is led by a consortium of three local organisations, Peabody Trust, Orbit Housing and Red House, National Trust.

Why Three Rivers?

Three Rivers takes its name from the three main rivers that define the geography of Bexley – the Thames, the Cray and the Shuttle – which are represented on the borough’s coat of arms. The name also reflects the free-flowing nature of what we’re trying to do. We want to give local people the power to decide what art and culture happens in their community. Who knows where we’ll end up?

Our Team

Community Assembly

The Community Assembly is made up of residents and facilitated by our Executive Producer. We meet once a month to discuss and make decisions on the shape of our programme. This is an important space to check in, and ensure our activities are responding to local needs and interests.

Strategic Board

The Strategic Board has overall responsibility for Three Rivers and the funding it receives from Arts Council England.

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